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Use of the Archive

The holdings of the Dieter and Ingeborg Rams Archive are primarily intended for academic and journalistic purposes. Please register your visit in advance by e-mail or telephone. Access to the archives is only possible with confirmed registration. All holdings can only be viewed on site. Borrowed material cannot leave the archive premises. A place will be reserved for you for the time in which you are making use of the archive.

The archive offers search aids for researching and locating the sources required. In order to protect the archive material and to safeguard personal rights and copyrights, the provisions of the archive regulations must be observed. 

Ordering Archive Materials

An application for use must be submitted when visiting the archive for the first time. This application for use is a prerequisite for making use of the archive material, since your signature obliges you to comply with the archive and fee regulations. You must state the subject and the purpose of your research in the application. Access to the archives is limited to the purpose stated in the application.

You can reserve archival materials by e-mail one opening day in advance or you can fill in the order forms provided on site. The earliest date of provision is one opening day to the next. There is no entitlement to the presentation of archive and collection material or search tools in their original form. In the interests of preservation, it is preferable that reproductions are used.

It is possible that individual archival records may be restricted or temporarily unavailable for use for legal or conservation reasons. Please inform yourself prior to a visit about accessibility.

Please note that a specimen copy must be submitted of any work that is substantially based on archival sources.


Catalogue Speeches

A list of the speeches, lectures and statements given by Dieter Rams can be found in this search aid.

PDF | 28 Pages | 517 kB 

Catalogue Interviews

This search aid contains the audio and text interviews with or about Dieter Rams as well as questionnaires, among other things.

PDF | 11 Pages | 220 kB 

Catalogue Essays

An overview of the essays, articles and statements about Dieter Rams can be found in this search aid.

PDF | 15 Pages | 317 kB

Catalogue Magazines

A chronological list of the journals, including a report on Dieter Rams, can be found in this search aid.

PDF | 19 Pages | 439 kB

Catalogue Films

This search aid contains various recordings about Dieter Rams in formats such as VHS, DVD, MP3 and others.

PDF | 6 Pages | 175 kB

Catalogue Books

Here you will find a selected bibliography with book publications and academic papers on Dieter Rams.

PDF | 15 Pages | 314 kB

Ordering Copies

Reproductions can be ordered for a fee using the “Request to copy material” form. The provisions of the remuneration regulations must be observed.  There is a choice between paper printouts or digital copies. Digitized copies are delivered electronically or on CD-Rom or DVD in a screen resolution of 96 dpi in PDF format. Printouts are provided in black and white.

If the request for reproduction is approved, an invoice will be sent to the applicant. Payment is possible only by bank transfer. Orders will be executed only after receipt of payment. The production deadlines are subject to change. Due to limited capacity, there may be longer waiting times in phases.

If the reproductions are intended for publication, permission must be obtained prior to production.

The transfer of reproductions from archival records to third parties or their use for a purpose other than that stated in the request for use is only permitted with written confirmation.

The use of electronic copying equipment is permitted only with permission.


Application form

PDF | 114 kB

Request to copy material

PDF | 159 kB 

List of charges

PDF | 100 kB 

Terms of use

PDF | 68 kB