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International Approach

Braun Design in Asia

When considering Braun’s relationship with Asia, it immediately becomes clear that the German company has oriented itself internationally from the very outset. This is true both in terms of its products and sales markets. The Volksempfänger radio, with its short range, was followed in 1933 by the Fernempfangs-Vorsatz, an attachment for the Volksempfänger in order to increase the range for European reception. The T 1000 world receiver of 1963, with which all short-wave transmitters worldwide could be received, became legendary.  Read more >

The Daelim Museum in Seoul, location of the 5th exhibition station of Less and More, 2010/11
© Daelim Cultural Foundation

Dieter Rams and Colours

FM Radio: Red-Orange

It is precisely because colours play a seemingly subordinate role in the work of Dieter Rams that they are assigned great significance. A contradiction?  Read more >
Here too, a striking red-orange: the central FM radio button of the regie 500 control unit from 1968 
© rams foundation

Dieter Rams and Teaching

The Hamburg Years

A major chapter in the life of Dieter Rams about which little is known so far is that he was a professor of industrial design at the Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg from 1981 to 1997. In search of traces.  Read more >
Meeting with students of the HFBK Hamburg
Foto: Jo Klatt © Hartmut Jatzke-Wigand


Texts by Dieter Rams

The archive contains Dieter Rams’ manuscripts for lectures and essays. A selection of texts are reproduced here as PDFs with the original appearance and provide an insight into his thoughts on good design.  Read more >